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1st time? See introduction & table at the end of this page.

For searching words. It doesn't take harkaat into account and only searches based on alphabets. See conversion table at the end to learn the English equivalent characters to type to get the required Arabic characters. If you live in an Arabic speaking country or have a laptop/PC with Arabic Keyboard, then in that case use https://sunnah.one directly. For others like me who have a keyboard with English alphabets, you can use this page.

Enter the English characters in input box and then press Enter or click the Search button.

To search a set of words, enclose the words in double quotation marks e.g. "EASm" , to return only those results in which the words appear together in same sequence.

To search multiple words, but without any restriction that the entered words must be found together in the same sequence, enter as many words as you like, separating the words by a space but this time don't use the double quotation marks.

Buckwalter Equivalent Transliteration for Arabic Letters
خ ح ج ث ت ب ا
x H j v t b A
ص ش س ز ر ذ د
S $ s z r * d
ق ف غ ع ظ ط ض
q f g E Z T D
ي و ه ن م ل ك
y w h n m l k
ة ى ئ ؤ ء إ أ
p Y } & ' < >

For English Search, use the site Sunnah.com