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The Concept of Sunnah Transmitted via Amal

The concept of Sunnah via Amal is not something new, rather older than the use of Ahad Hadith as Sunnah :
Notes: Ahad Hadith OR Isolated Hadith is one which is not a mutawatir hadith & a mutawatir Hadith is Hadith that is narrated by such a large number of people that it is impossible that they have invented a lie, & Hadith that can really be called truly Mutawatir are very few as compared to Ahad Hadith, so most Hadith are actually Ahad Hadith. Of the 4 Sunni fiqh Imams, Imam Abu Hanifa (702-767 CE) & Imam Malik’s (717-801 CE) stance towards Ahad/Isolated Hadith was different from Imam Shafi (769-820 CE) & Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (778-855 CE).
Malik’s Concept of Amal in the light of Maliki Legal Theory Dr. Umar Faruq (1978 PHD Dissertation) :
P1 , P2 , P3 , P4 , P5 , P6 , P7 , P8 . Mirror : P1 to P8  .

3 Brief selections from above dissertation.
Imam Abu Hanifa’s Restrictions upon Isolated Hadith , mirror .

Isolated Hadith , mirror .

Umum al-balwa , mirror .

Malik’s letter to Layth & Layth’s letter to Malik , mirror . 

Towards Understanding Hadith youtube lecture series by Hanafi scholar Shaykh Atabek Shukurov
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