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Necessity of Islamic Politico-Socio-Economic System - Khilafat - Caliphate and Current Rulers and Muslim Unity

Necessity of Islamic Politico-Socio-Economic System (Khilafat / Caliphate) & current rulers 
Necessity of Islamic Politico-Socio-Economic System (Khilafat) IWO pdf , IWO mirror ,

Milestones by Syed Qutb : Original in Arabic , Translation in English : Format 1 , Format 2 , Format 3 .

Arabic : Al Jihad wal Qital fi as siyasa ash shar’iyya by Dr. Muhammad Khayr Haykal (The 3 volume book includes a detailed discussion of the proposed methodologies in order to re-establish the Islamic state & evaluates them according to the Islamic evidences)

The Proclaimers of the Truth (website in Arabic , English , Somali . Youtube : Arabic , English , Somali ) .

The Present Rulers & Islam , mirror ,

Man Made Laws vs Shariah ,

Khilafat aur Mulookiyyat by Maududi , youtube audiobook

Al Jihad fil Islam by Maududi , youtube audiobook .

7 imams on the uprising against rulers : Part 1 , Part 2

Urdu lecture: Sahih Khaleefah aur Ghaasib Hukamraan kay khilaaf khurooj ka hukm (A lecture exposing misuse of Hadiths regarding rightful Khulafaa by some scholars to defend wrong rulers by discouraging struggle to replace them. He quotes opinions of Imam Abu Hanifa & Imam Malik & examples of Sahaaba to refute this misconception of not struggling to replace such rulers. (When control of country is in corrupt rulers’ hands like the steering of a car, they will take it the wrong way & to the wrong place, regardless of the other rightful persons in the car, unless they strive to replace the driver.))

Urdu: Wahdat e Ummat (has some bias by author in favor of his own sect's opinion on source of Sunnah)

Practical and Realistic Initial Steps towards Muslim Unity
Urdu Lecture: Firqay kyun bantay hain (Why and how sects are formed)
English supplement : Muslim Unity Selection 1 – Why and how sects are formed , mirror .

Law & Jurisprudence (a preview of work done by classic scholars, more work should be done on it too to get better results)
Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence , (2nd edition) by Muhammad Hasim Kamali , mirror .

The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer: Vol 1 , Vol 2 .

Islamic Currency & Finance , mirror ,

Islamic Dirham & Dinar , mirror ,

A Fatwa on Banking , mirror , .

Miscellaneous Islamic Issues
Moonsighting (Useful site for any moonsighting method you follow)

Research for establishment of Islam
Major Research area in the establishment of Islam worldwide is Sunnah. No disagreement on the Qur’an, so next important thing is Sunnah, & uniting Muslims on established Sunnah & solving & explaining solutions to Sunnah related issues that divide, so that strong Muslim unity & Khilafat based on strong foundation is established. This working in an unbiased way is very important so that when the time for establishment of Khilafat comes, it is established smoothly & the sources i.e. The Qur’an & The Sunnah are well defended & spread intellectually.

Struggle for establishment of Islam
Their opinion regarding how to implement Khilafat needs further improvement in the light of above mentioned more important point
Some major organizations working for establishment of Khilafat , in addition to some personal efforts & other organizations :
Shabab ul Muslimeen , with Khalid Mehmood Abbasi , youtube channel 1 , youtube  channel 2 , youtube channel 3 , (who split from Tanzeem e Islami along with various other people, due to some policy changes by Hafiz Akif Saeed which differ from original policy of Dr. Israr Ahmed.) (Hizb-ut-Tehreer)
Intellectual Islam Channel . (Tanzeem-e-Islami, also gives Dr Israr Ahmed’s useful material on the issues along with )

(AI2 comments: My major suggestion to all is to run an open public Khilafat campaign without the label of the organizations & work together, since the goal is same i.e. establishment of Khilafat. )

Early History of Khilafat & Mulookiyyat & importance of Khilafat and Muslim Unity
1. Background of replacement of Khilafat by malookiat, and some Muslims’ battles and sacrifices to save Khilafat.
11 lectures – khilafat and karbala (Punjabi/Urdu)
Mr. Ishaq’s lectures on youtube (Punjabi/Urdu) (watch his lectures on Muslim Unity, Khilafat etc.) (Mr Ishaq official site)
More Urdu lectures and short clips of Mr. Ishaq