Saturday, 28 May 2016

Necessity to do More Matn and Critical Analysis on Hadith

Necessity to do more Matn & critical analysis on Hadith :
Misfir ad Dumayni books in Arabic: Maqayees Naqd Mutoon as Sunnah and atTadlees fil Hadith

Arabic: Maqayis Naqd Mutun as Sunnah by Misfir Ad Dumayni (the 565 pages book is the largest book on Hadith Matn analysis) , mirror1 , mirror2 .

Arabic: Manhaj Naqd al Matn by salahsafa 

Arabic: Adwaa. ala as-Sunnat al Muhammadiyyah , mirror .

English translation: Lights on The Muhammadan (pbuh) Sunnah , mirror , alternate PDF format , online format . 

Ideas on Hadith Matn Analysis & related issues extracted from some books , mirror ,

4 myths about Hadith , mirror ,

A Matn Analysis technique : Gathering related Ahadith together , mirror ,

Some Ideas from Ahmed Shafaat .

Accepting a Hadith from a single narrator , mirror .

A Study of Ahadith about the determination of Islamic dates , mirror ,

Not all Hadith in Bukhari & Muslim are authentic , mirror .

Have you been blackmailed with Bukhari yet? 

Some Contradictions in Bukhari & Muslim presented to convince scholars & make masses aware that more work must be done on Hadith , mirror .

Research for the age of Hazrat Ayesha (RA: Radi ALLAHu ‘Anha) : Original in Urdu , mirror , Translation in English , mirror ,

Arabic: Hadith on Age of Sayyidah Ayesha (RA) , mirror .

A Modern Matn Criticism on the Tradition on Aisha's (RA) Age of Marriage: Translation and Analysis of above book.

The Authentication of Hadith: Redefining Criteria brief article by Israr Ahmad Khan

The Qur’an as a criterion for Hadith Text Examination by Israr Ahmad Khan

Authentication of Hadith Redefining the Criteria by Israr Ahmad Khan preview of the book containing 141 pdf pages, details of availability on 1st page of pdf, complete book not yet available for free download mirror for above 3 documents .

The Rules of Matn Criticism: There are No Rules by Dr. Jonathan Brown 

Misquoting Muhammad (pbuh) - The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Propet's (pbuh) Legacy by Jonathan A. C. Brown