Saturday, 28 May 2016

Necessity to do More Matn and Critical Analysis on Hadith

Necessity to do more Matn & critical analysis on Hadith :
Misfir ad Dumayni books in Arabic: Maqayees Naqd Mutoon as Sunnah and atTadlees fil Hadith

Arabic: Maqayis Naqd Mutun as Sunnah by Misfir Ad Dumayni (the 565 pages book is the largest book on Hadith Matn analysis) , mirror1 , mirror2 .

Arabic: Manhaj Naqd al Matn by salahsafa 

Arabic: Shaykh al Mudirah

Arabic: Adwaa. ala as-Sunnat al Muhammadiyyah , mirror .

English translation: Lights on The Muhammadan (pbuh) Sunnah , mirror , alternate PDF format , online format . 

Ideas on Hadith Matn Analysis & related issues extracted from some books , mirror ,

4 myths about Hadith , mirror ,

A Matn Analysis technique : Gathering related Ahadith together , mirror ,

Some Ideas from Ahmed Shafaat .

Accepting a Hadith from a single narrator , mirror .

A Study of Ahadith about the determination of Islamic dates , mirror ,

Not all Hadith in Bukhari & Muslim are authentic , mirror .

Have you been blackmailed with Bukhari yet? 

Some Contradictions in Bukhari & Muslim presented to convince scholars & make masses aware that more work must be done on Hadith , mirror .

Research for the age of Hazrat Ayesha (RA: Radi ALLAHu ‘Anha) : Original in Urdu , mirror , Translation in English , mirror ,

Arabic: Hadith on Age of Sayyidah Ayesha (RA) , mirror .

A Modern Matn Criticism on the Tradition on Aisha's (RA) Age of Marriage: Translation and Analysis of above book.

The Authentication of Hadith: Redefining Criteria (brief article) by Israr Ahmad Khan

Authentication of Hadith Redefining the Criteria (full book) by Israr Ahmad Khan

The Qur’an as a criterion for Hadith Text Examination by Israr Ahmad Khan

The Rules of Matn Criticism: There are No Rules by Dr. Jonathan Brown 

Misquoting Muhammad (pbuh) - The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Propet's (pbuh) Legacy by Jonathan A. C. Brown